Thursday, November 30, 2006

"FREEGAN KENO" ........Is Alive!!

44x18....Going to try and ride tonight....although I'm not sure that will happen...Teri is sick:(

Peace and bundle up its fucking cold today:)


MOD said...

How's that 55deg seat angle handle?

That's gotta be one comfy ride.

Anonymous said...

as the head tube indicates, this "KENO" ride is a real gamble!

i saw it, lifted it, and it's a hell of a nice ditch ride. ya can't beat FREE!

it's a worthy member of your fleet, b.

Squirrel said...

She rides like a wet dream....even threw up a half block wheelie out'a her on the way to the shop:) Rear brake is purdy sketchy more wheelies til that fucker is changed out:)


3p0 said...

nice seat man,

hope the little lady gets well soon,

Anonymous said...

looks like a sweet ride Squirrel. We missed you tonight on the gravel ride, it wasn't quite as cold as I thought it was going to feel. Hope Teri is feeling better

Neve_r_est said...

Are those WTB Cross Wolves I spy on that rig? Friggin gnarly cross tire eh?


Squirrel said...

Dennis- why yes they are...and they too came at a FREEGAN GOOD DEAL....a customer of the shop said they made too much he put something else on and was throwing these away....brand fucking new!!! Obviously he was not riding them where he should have been if'n they hummmeddd too much:)


Neve_r_est said...

You lucky bastard.

DG a foot of the shit. Good thing I sold the snowmobile last year then....ah, snow ridin this weekend!

gwadzilla said...

someone is missing their pacifier