Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pink with White Poke Adots

I'm so disappionted:( me dress is too small, damn it, damn it! Thats what you get when a man goes to buy a dress, all the funny looks I was recieving from the old ladies where entertaining though. I was set to destroy the whole field this weekend with that dress, I would have had all the little boy's attention:) Oh well maybe some day I'll find me another purdy pink dress to race in:) Until then, I'll have to come up with some thing different.

This is kinda man sexy:) Picture stolen from Timmy's page, Single Speed Dream

Ordered me a black Monkey frame and fork last night before leaving the shop, and now Marco say's they'll have me chocolate squirrel one in stock on the 17th....I must call them to day to confirm. I soo want the brown one:) Getting the Monkey was just too easy, sorry Rob. I'll have custom some day......I'm an addict ya know. Jacks are now on the camper, now I just have to mount the battery box and I'm ready to load up. New ink coming today, nothing bike related though. If I keep this pace up I'll have one sleeve done before the end of July.....SAWHEAT!!! I'm going to have to buy stock in sun screen now....... Taco Ride tonight!!! Yaaayyy!!! I'm out for 2 laps, and not at Taco pace:) I'm getting a MONKEY....... haven't ya always wanted a MONKEY!!:)


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