Sunday, June 11, 2006

3 Day Update

Still rolling:)


Took the day off from the day job to get some home stuff done. Rode for 1.5hrs, light. Worked at the Shop, we are busy.


Thought I had to work at the shop on Sat. but due too the rain we received I got out of it. Terry and Matt we're going to due the BRAMCO ride but rain, rain kept them at the shop so I could bolt. We received new business cards so I welded up some chainring card holders real fast before heading to Danno's to see what was up. Nobody was scheduled early so I was going to get me next piece for the sleeve but then Steve Lamberty of Bike World rolls in wanting some bike ink. The paying customer always gets in first so I bolted but not before seeing some of the design, Steve is a FIXIE rider, that is all he owns and all he rides. He'll be in the show soon:)

After this I headed home to pick up Teri for our baby shower/party of biking friends at Bassonova's house. Many thanks go out too Pete's wife Annie as she orchestrated this whole event. Thank you Annie:) The Conlans, Hansers, Vanderlunes, Pam Heise, Sammy and our buddy Steve were there to help eat all the food, share gifts, and drink some beers. A great time, Thanks to all of you:)
We left some time after 7pm to head home and passout.


Up at 5:30am to meet Petey for joe at Star Bucks, then off to the Center Trails to start the day off right. We met up with Ryan, Sammy, Andy in the parking lot and rolled. Pete, Andy and I did a couple laps, Sammy and Ryan stopped in Denmans on lap 2:) Once back to the parking lot the Trek caravan was unloading test rigs for the day. Bike World must have been demoing. We bs'd it for awhile then boggied, as I was rolling out on "Standard J-11 I ran into Jim Logan out mowing. Jim you fucking rock bro!! 2.5 hrs riding and no crashes all was good in Church today:) Once home I loaded up the chainsaw and headed to the hillside to cut out that big ole tree. Mission acomplished. Back home, shower, then veg all day.
Good Day:)


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