Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Riding

Monday morning Teri and I took Bianchi to the dog run in Raccoon River Park, it was totaly hellarious as Bianchi is a big pussy:) They have an area for little doggies and one for big doggies. Tried the big doggie area first didn't get to go too far before Bianchi was rolled by a young basset hound, too damn funny, instead of running she would just drop and shake. After that it was too the little doggie area, where even the little guy's had her nervous, gonna start taking her out 4 times a week so perhaps she can make some play mate buddies:)

Teri Sue and our first kid:)

Once back home Teri and I broke out the single speeds to roll around on the pave trails.

rolling down the rabbit trail, a single track short cut to the pave trail

ended up riding through Water Works, Greys Lake, by Principal Ball Park, into downtown,

Taking a breather by the Botanical Center

Birdland Marina, across the river and up into Urbandale to stop at our buddy Steve's house for a beer. Ended up picking Steve up to head back to our place for some grilling of large pieces of Iowa Chops, corn on da cob, and a cyclists staple Mac-N-Cheese.

On the 1st street ped. bridge kicking one back

stopped at Romeo's off the pave trail for another beverage, then home. Grilled our goods up...ate then Steve and I loaded up the BOB with the weedeater to go to the CITA meeting at the pond. The plan was too weadeat the newest connector section then roll into the meeting fashionably late. We succeeded, although when we got to the pond nobody was around>>>>???? Oh well it had been a good long day of riding, working , and some beers so we boogied our seperate ways. Next ride Taco Wed. kiddies:)


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MOD said...

Sounds a like damn fine day.

Annie and I got out to Manawa for a 3 lapper (T-bone was MIA). Then off to Shims for beer, brats and burgers.

Gotta love the holidays.