Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cycling Kills Oil Profits:)

This add was brought to you buy Atom Smasher. You can type anything you want into the sign......pretty cool.

A very cool T. This picture stolen from here, shirt can be purchased here.
Although I would say the fun happens to be between her hands right now:)

I didn't get the mowers modified last night which blew ass, so today when I get off I'm taking them to Petey's shop so I can use the plasma cutter to get the job done in a more fashionable time frame:) No Taco ride, or mowing for me tonight, Teri and I are riding to Cummings and back then I'm heading to the Ride Of Silence in downtown, info can be found here under Wednesdays events. Danny boy's rig is almost completed and its not a 20" its a 24"......doooop.


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